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Nuclear energy

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  • Development of sludge waste treatment system

  • dDisposal of sludge waste during decommissioning and operation of the nuclear power plantsd
  • dSludge waste will account for more than 20% of wastes generated when decommissioning nuclear power plants.
1. Device Configuration
  • Dismantling sludge waste collection device
    • Development of collection device for disposal sludge waste source
    • Corrosive sludge, floor sludge, Sump sludge
    • tank sludge, oil sludge, organic sludge
    • concrete sludge, soil sludge, mixed sludge, etc.
  • Dismantling Sludge Waste Drying System
    • Sludge Waste Moisture Removal Volume Reduction
  • Dry sludge pellet molding equipment
    • Molding pellet density: 1 g / ㎤ or more
    • Molded Pellet Compressive Strength: 40kg / ㎠ or more
    • Volume reduction ratio: 2 or more
  • Molding pellet drum injection device
2. Applied to
  • Concentrated waste liquid powder, slurry, sludge
  • Powdery wastes generated during decommissioning the nuclear power plants (concrete pulp, decontamination sludge)
  • Contaminated soil of microscopic size which is not easily decontaminated.
  • Development of large area radiation measurement equipment for decommissioning nuclear power plants

  • Large area radioactivity measuring equipment to quickly and efficiently measure the radioactive contamination of the floor in the radiation management area when decommissioning the nuclear power plant
  • 8 channel Phoswich scintillator alpha, beta simultaneous measurement
  • Development of calibration algorithm for large area radioactivity contamination measurement
  • Automatic Mapping Algorithm Development
  • Development of statistical analysis algorithm