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  • R&D Performance – Radiopharmaceutical
Project Name Research period Remarks (Reference, notes)
Radioactive Rhenium-188 Generator Manufacturing Technology 2009.11 ~ 2012.10 Daejeon Techno Park
Development of Re-188 Seed and Assembly for Breast Cancer Radiation Proximity Therapy 2010.11 ~ 2013.10 MMS (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
Synthesis of hypoxic cell target contrast agent and development of smart target anticancer technology using radioactive rhenium 2012.06 ~ 2013.05 MMS (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
Production of preclinical samples using Re-188 Generator 2013.03 ~ 2013.11 Daejeon Techno Park
Development of target anti-cancer drug and target imaging diagnostic agent using radioactive labeling compound 2013.07 ~ 2014.06 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Development of radioisotope generator manufacturing technology for cancer diagnosis 2014.06 ~ 2015.05 MMS (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
Development of a diagnostic target agent and kit using a radioactive labeling compound 2014.11 ~ 2016.10 MMS (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • R&D Results - Dismantling Nuclear Power Plant
Project Name Research period Remarks (Reference, notes)
Manufacture of epoxy-based nano-composite neutron shielding material for spent fuel transport container 2010.06 ~ 2013.05 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Developed GM counter type radiation measuring sensor 2012.06 ~ 2012.12 Daejeon Techno Park
Development of vehicle load radiation management and face recognition monitoring system 2015.06 ~ 2018.05 Ministry of Education
  • Intellectual Property Rights
Patent (or exclusive license) registration status
Category Patent name Registration number
Radiopharmaceutical Diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotope adsorbents and its preparation method 10-0755933
Breast cancer radiotherapy device using rhenium-188 10-1128820
Apparatus and method for manufacturing radioisotope for diagnosis and treatment 10-1401373
Capsule containing radioactive isotope solution and apparatus for manufacturing 10-1500444
Systems for generating radioactive isotopes 10-1586406
Radiopharmaceuticals Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Product Generating Columns and Assemblies 10-1710157
Helicobacter pylori testing using liquid scintillation counter 10-0692959
Hospital Radiation Detection Monitoring and Radioactive Material Discharge System 10-1439853
Dismantling Nuclear Plant Radiation Surface Pollution Counter Calibration Device and Calibration Method by using this device 10-1059173
Radiation Detection and Radiation Detection System Using Portable Communicator 10-1186132
Radioactive decontamination composition and method of removing contaminants 10-1244755
Mobile Radiation Measurement and Control System in Radiation Management Area 10-0915217
Android-based portable camera recognition system 10-1299969
Manufacturing method of standard source for calibration of radioactive material measuring instrument 10-1237773
Multi-functional portable radiation measuring apparatus and system using this apparatus 10-1702977
Others Radiation shielding material 10-0909074
Radiation Shielding Fiber 10-0909075
Ionization-producing tube and ionization-generating device having this tube 10-0948107
Functional tube and life-saving instrument using this tube 10-1291134
Multi-functional measuring instrument with radiation contamination measurement function 10-1365019
Patent (or exclusive license) application status
Category Patent name Application number
Dismantling Nuclear Plant Radiation monitoring system and monitoring method using it 2014-0143091
Automatic access monitoring system for vehicle load radiation management 2016-0044830
Utility model and design registration status
Classification Utility model name Registration number
Dismantling Nuclear Plant Radioactive contamination zone access device combined with automatic protective cover 20-0433496
Smear Paper for radioactive contamination inspection 20-0419996
Registered SmartRad design for radiation meter 30-0815379
Registered radiation meter design 30-0815380