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Construction of radioactive facilities

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  • Radiation shielding construction

  • Medical institution radiation facility construction
    • Department of Radiology: X-RAY, CT, ANGIO room shielding construction
    • Department of Nuclear Medicine: PET-CT, SPECT-CT, Isotope treatment room shielding Construction
    • Department of Oncology: Radiation therapy room shielding construction, high load shielding door installation work
  • Research institute radiation facility construction
    • Shielding work of radiation shielding room for research
    • Manufacture and installation of mobile and fixed type shielding container
    • RI, RG use facility shielding construction
    • High radiation shielding facility shielding construction
    • Neutron shielding door production, installation
  • Educational institute radiation facility construction
    • Radiology Department, Dental Hygiene Department Radiation Education Room Shielding Construction
    • RI, RG use facility in Educational Institute shielding construction
  • Industrial facilities radiation facility construction
    • RT ROOM Shielding work
    • Construction and installation of special concrete shielding door
    • Manufacture and Installation of shielded container and shielded room
  • Radiation Facility Construction

  • RI exhaust system construction
    • Production and installation of RI FILTER BOX
    • Construction of RI HVAC duct
    • Manufacture and installation of RI HOOD
  • RI drainage construction
    • Design, manufacture and installation of RI storage cabinets
    • Design, manufacture and installation of RI drainage main control system
    • RI storage and piping shielding construction
  • Manufacture RI Shielding Accessory
    • PET Dispensing System
    • Injection shielding cart
    • RI Waste Container
    • Mobile Radiation Shield
    • Radioisotope commissioning, disposal, storage cabinets, etc.
  • Major Performance
  • KRISS neutron using facility shielding work
  • Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute CT R & D Office Shielding construction
  • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute HANARO Reactor Laboratory Shielding work
  • Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Manufacture of High Capacity RI Storage Cabinet Shielding Box
  • Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Special Concrete Shielding Door Construction
  • Manufactured special shielding protector of Korea Railroad Research Institute
  • Chungnam National University Hospital RI ventilation and drainage facility construction
  • Wonkwang University Hospital PET-CT room shielding & interior construction and license work
  • Nonsan Health Center, Uijeongbu Public Health Center, Jeongwan Public Health Center, Samcheok Health Center radiography room shielding
  • Korea University Anam Cancer Center Radiography Room Shielding
  • 3D X-RAY room shielding construction at Konyang University Hospital
  • Yangsan Pusan National University Hospital PET-CT Stabilization room shielding construction, accessory delivery, licensing work
  • Boramae Hospital nuclear medicine department accessory production
  • Radiography room of Eulji University Hospital Cancer center, RI therapy room construction
  • Merinol Hospital PET-CT room shielding, licensing service
  • Haeundae Paik Hospital Department of Nuclear Medicine Shielding Accessories
  • Korea Health Care Association Busan Branch PET-CT room shielding construction, licensing work
  • Seoul Medical Center, Department of Nuclear Medicine Shielding Accessories
  • KAIST PET-CT room Shielding & Interior, Licensing
  • Gumi Soonchunhyang Hospital PET-CT room shielding construction, licensing work
  • Canon Korea shielding work, licensing work
  • Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Portal monitor installation work
  • I-3 System Clean Room Shielding Construction
  • Dentium Research Institute Shielding Construction
  • Bontech Shielding work, CSA Shielding work
  • Korea Miura RT Room Shielding Construction
  • SI Detection Shield for Marine Radiation Inspection
  • Daedong gear RT room shielding film production,
  • National Forensic Service (Seoul) Autopsy Room X-ray room, National Forensic
  • Service (Gwangju) CT room shielding construction
  • Non Commissioned Officer Academy, 31st Division, Combat Wing, and medical corps radiology rooms
  • Nuclear power plant (Kori) Cooling water detection Shielding box,
  • Rural Development Administration RI use facility shielding construction, licensing works
  • Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety High Capacity Isotope Shield box
  • Jinju Prison, Pusan Prison infirmary shielding
  • Daegu Military Personnel Radiology Room Shielding

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