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Calibration services

We will put in our best efforts to satisfy customers.

  • International authorized calibration agency (KOLAS).

Enviro Korea has received KOLAS certification and conduct international certification services for radiation detection devices
  • Service Type

  • Gamma survey meter (S/M) calibration
  • Electronic personal dosimeter(A/M) calibration
  • Pocket dosimeter (P/D)calibration
  • Contamination Monitor (C/M) calibration servic
  • Neutron Survey Meter (NS/M) calibration service (As an agency)
  • An ionosphere (Ionization Chamber) Corrective agency service
  • Calibration work process

  • Calibration items

Gamma survey meter (S/M)
Gamma survey meter (S/M) calibration service

Electronic personal dosimeter(A/M)
Electronic personal dosimeter(A/M) calibration service

Pocket dosimeter (P/D)
Pocket dosimeter (P/D)calibration service

Contamination Monitor (C/M)
Contamination Monitor (C/M) calibration service

Neutron Survey Meter (NS/M)
Neutron Survey Meter (NS/M) calibration service

An ionosphere (Ionization Chamber) Corrective agency service
An ionosphere (Ionization Chamber) Corrective agency service

  • How to request for calibration

01 Visit in person or send by mail Calibration center : #301, Dasan Hall, Venture Town, 91,
85-gil, Shinilseo-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
(#301, Dasan Hall, Venture Town, 1687-2, Shinil-dong)
Operation hours : Mon. ~ Fri. (09:00 ~ 18:00)
TEL : +82-42-864-2342 FAX : +82-42-934-2342

02 Request for cailbration Download/create calibration request receipt  a proof of proof download >
Please enclose proof of proof of proof for delivery.
[# Required to send the business registration certificate also if you request for the first time.]

03 Check for the completion of calibration After the calibration is completed, the notification text message will be sent and the notification about fees for the calibration will be sent by fax.

04 Desposit the calibration fee Bank account Kookmin Bank : 457637-04-002149 / Account holder : Envirokoare Co.Ltd.

05 Issue of the calibration report Taking out the device (Text message for it will be sent in case of the sending by mail) [After checking that the calibration fee is deposited, the device / calibration report / tax invoice will be issued.]